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ProSecurity Publishing GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading German publishers. We score with professional competence, editorial quality and a wide-ranging network of experts and industry experts.

Specialists and installers, authorities and services as well as providers of security technology and services.

The journal SECURITY INSIGHTS ISSUES THE HEADS OF THE CORPORATE SECURITY AND THE MANAGING DIRECTORS OF MEDIA SIZED ENTERPRISES. The target group of the specialist journal SecurityPractice are specialist planners, specialist installers, system houses and electricians with the business field safety technology.

Security issues and the development of security issues and solutions, trends and developments on the one hand, and political issues in the area of ​​security on the other.

About the subject portal, we inform about corporate security, security technology, IT security, industry solutions, security and public safety. So deal with special topics such as security, compliance, social engineering, cyber crime, industrial espionage, employee crime and many more. We therefore provide assistance in the rapid search for security products and services and overview of trade associations and the latest trends and developments in the security industry.

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